Can you even imagine what it is like to remember about everything?

Thank's for your coming. Ups! Thank's for coming..

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Lho?! Are they different? Cuma beda your-nya doang kan?
Yup, meski CUMA beda kata your, but they have different meaning.

Akan sangat berbeda artinya ketika kita mengatakan "Thank's for coming" dengan "Thank's for your coming"
Let me give you a kind of ilustration...

if you have a party, then you want to give thank's to people who come to your party,

'Thank's for your coming"
"Thank's for coming"
Why? Karena "thank's for your coming" is refers to kind of prostitution. You know, when you ask 'man' or 'woman' to do what you want them to 'do', then you may say 'Thank's for your coming" :D
So, be careful with your words :)
Maaf kalu grammar maupun susunan kalimatnya acakadul :p

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